Escape Rooms


Your team will assemble in a themed room and will have one hour to complete your mission and “escape” the room. A successful escape will require you to find hidden clues and solve puzzles throughout the room. So take a look underneath the rug or sift through the books on the shelves, and take a closer look at all those paintings on the wall. You may find a string of numbers you need for a combination lock or a good old-fashioned key for a padlock. Everywhere you look is a potential clue to get out of an escape room or riddle waiting to be solved.


Conquering an escape room requires teamwork, speed, creativity, and patience. Escape rooms are perfect for family vacations, corporate team-building, or just having fun with your friends. Escape rooms are amazing experiences to share with people, as you work together to discover clues to get out of an escape room, crack puzzles, and accomplish your ultimate goal (solving an escape room). Even if you don’t actually get out of the room, the whole team will have a blast and make memories that you will share for a long time.


What makes the best escape games so popular? Escape rooms are a whole new way of experiencing storytelling. By combining a social activity with interactive adventures and challenging puzzles, escape game players are immersed in an entirely different world with storylines that feel like Hollywood blockbusters. No wonder they’re so addicting.


Each escape game room has its own unique mission. You get to choose your own
adventure by selecting the mission you want to challenge yourself to complete. Once you step into the escape room, you will be instantly transported into a different world, as your surroundings match the theme of your mission. These immersive worlds help you feel like you’re actually living out the story of your mission. Once you step into the escape game room, your Game Master, the escape room staff member who will help you throughout the game, will make sure that you are clear on what is an escape room,  the rules and answer any initial questions you have. Then, you will watch a video that explains your mission in full. Once the video ends, your one-hour timer starts counting down! From then on, you’ll be directly interacting with the objects and props in the room to uncover all the clues to get out of an escape room you can find.


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